Share Your Favorite Tutorial Site

28 Jun

Do you guys use tutorial sites often? I have a bunch of web design tutorial sites saved as bookmarks, but sometimes it gets confusing because I forget which is better. Besides some of the most popular ones like smashing magazine and tutsplus, what is your favorite or most visited tutorial site?

I just found¬†Designmodo¬†yesterday, maybe you guys know about it already, but to me it was like WOW. I love the fact that they have everything on the site. Design, coding, tutorials, CMS, marketing, even social media! And on top of all, FREEBIES, yes who doesn’t love free things~ It’s not easy to find high quality public domain resources.

So that’s the link I want to share with you all today. Post the link below, I’m hungry for some good resources!

Oh btw, me and my classmates are building a tutorial website for our social media class. Check out WebMedia101. Me and my group members made all the tutorials, we still need a lot of work on the website, but check out what we’ve got so far, might be useful to you!


Which design should I choose?

27 Jun

Okay, I did two website mockup designs for a class assignment, and I’m thinking about building it out. I have two designs for the site, and let me know which one you guys like.

The site is basically an online space for professional photographers to share their works and engage in discussions etc. For the purpose of the class assignment, we made an e-commerce section for the site. But I don’t think I have the skills to build the e-commerce part of it yet…nor the customizable pages for each user. But I’m hoping to learn either Drupal or Magento and try to build my own theme with the design.

Let me know which one you like!

Mockup 1

Mockup 2

Also if there’s something I should change, let me know as well~

Using Twitter

21 Jun

Are you an active Twitter user? I used to really dislike the idea of using Twitter, just didn’t really feel like sharing where I am and what I’m doing, and thought it’s pointless for others to see anyway. But now that our Social Media class has pushed us to become regular Twitter users, I had to give it a try. Most of my tweets are related to design or art, and so are most of the people that I’m following. But for me I find that I tend to follow people, tweet cool things I see, but rarely check the tweets of the people that I’m following. I don’t go on Twitter everyday to check (maybe because my phone’s not robust enough to do that), and every time I open Twitter on the computer and see this whole list of tweets, I just lose interest in reading them. Do any of you feel the same way?

I’m sort of getting used to tweeting now, whenever I see something cool, I just tweet it, and I have no idea if any of my followers are going to see it. But seems like the more I tweet the more random followers I get. It’s kind of cool to see more people are reading what I am sharing. I feel that Twitter is a very powerful information pool and there’s just so much exchange of information around. Though right now for me it’s a one-way traffic. So do you check others’ tweets frequently? Join this poll!

Welcome to my blog!

18 Jun

This is my very first blog site, and hopefully I would keep it updated. I’ve never blogged before and I guess I use my free time to do something that I won’t remember the day after instead of doing something meaningful such as expressing myself. People who know me personally know that I’m not a very expressive person. So, it will be a challenge for me to run this blog. And if you are interested, follow my blog and see how long I will let it survive.

I am currently a New Media Student at BCIT, and I will be graduating in October this year. I am fairly new to graphic design for the web as well as website development, but I feel that I have gained a lot of different skills in the past year. You can check out my portfolio site and let me know what you think! I probably will change the look of the site in a few months and more works will be added, so stay tuned.

As for now, a big toast to my new-born blog! And thanks for visiting~